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1-Mechanical BOQ List

Lists by 6 mechanic systems and many subcategories.

It shows omni classes if available.

It finds the pipes and air ducts with insulation and calculates the insulation quantity.

The mechanical systems and types of the air ducts on the same line must be the same in order to calculate the air duct quantity correctly.


2-Electrical and Mechanical Category Lists Panel

It list by all electrical and mechanical categories avaliable in Revit.

It filters according to active view and levels.It can also be filtered by type pipe, air duct and similar categories.



2-Rectangular Duct Manufacturing List  Panel

You can prepare a rectangular duct manufacturing list by Level or by Active View.


3-Consol  Panel

You can create clamps and consoles in 3 ways.

By selecting level , active view , select rectangular


A-Pipe Clamp

It only draws clamps on horizontal pipes.

It is drawn on the rods with the clamp. If there is a floor above the pipes, the rods extend until that floor.

B-Duct and Cable Tray Consol

The console draws only the horizontal and rectangular air ducts.

The console draws only the horizontal cable trays.

If there is a floor above the element, the rods extend to this floor.

C-Create Unions

Create Unions at pipes .

D-Create Couplings

Create Couplings at pipes . 



A-PPR Type

Create a PPR-type pipe and create a new segment. Create your own fittings.

PPR pipe type uses its own diameters in metric system.

In order to create the PPR pipe type, the standard pipe type must be loaded in the active document. Duplicates the fittings of the standard pipe type.

B-BlackIron Pipe Type

Create a BlackIron type pipe and create a new segment. In order to create the BlackIron pipe type, the Chilled Water pipe type must be loaded in the active document.

Uses threaded fittings up to 2" pipe diameter, and welded fittings for diameters greater than 2".

It loads the welded fittings from the Chilled Water pipe type. It loads the threaded fittings from the families in its own folder.

C-You can also create 4 more types of air ducts pipes.


5-Count Family Instances

It counts the same family instances in the whole model as the family instance you choose.


6-Create Sheet

You can create sheets in Revit with sheet names in Excel.

Sheet names must be in the first column of Excel's first sheet.


7-Fabrication Parts

Command optimizes length and places hangers for the fabrication of straight parts.

Not used for optimized length parts.

Fabrication straight parts must be selected before running the command.

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